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NECO Clinical Training Center (CTC)

Preparing for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

The NECO Clinical Training Center (CTC) is a state-of-the-art student training facility, designed to provide students and faculty access to the latest technology to best prepare them for clinical practice in any location and setting.

This intentional exposure to a variety of optometric equipment, imaging systems, and health records prepares students to practice throughout the NECO Clinical Network as well as any clinical setting.  

Clinical Training Poster with five photos showing students and equipment.

The healthcare landscape is changing, and we need to adjust and adapt with it as we train our students. At NECO, we decided to include different digital and traditional refractors, slit lamps, and other equipment as we designed the Clinical Training Center so that our students will become agile practitioners, comfortable with any equipment they encounter at any location.

Gary Chu, OD, Senior Director of Public Health and Community Collaborations

We believe allowing students to train with a variety of systems and tools allows them to become agile in their approach and better prepared to integrate new innovations in optometry in the future.

NECO Clinical Training Center Highlights:

  • Two full teaching labs for optimal instruction
  • 20 Exam Lanes for student training and practice
  • Fully Equipped Lanes with phoropters, slit lamps, visual acuity systems, trial lenses, trial frames, and BIO lenses
  • Digital and Traditional Phoropters to experience both systems for refraction
  • Four Special Testing Environment Lanes for up-and-coming technology
  • Slit Lamps with Imaging Systems to provide instant feedback


imaging system and slit lampWhy Create a New Clinical Training Center?

At New England College of Optometry, we believe in helping students prepare to practice expertly and effectively in a wide range of settings.  We train students for the realities of optometric practice, but also prepare them for realities of emerging technologies.  Healthcare is an ever-changing field and our goal is to prepare our students to embrace and assess these changes head-on.

Students using slit lamp and imaging systemHow is the Clinical Training Center Different?

The new Clinical Training Center takes traditional clinical training and updates both equipment and teaching techniques.  The CTC presents students the opportunity to practice on both traditional and new innovations in optometric technology.  They have the chance to work on equipment from a variety of companies and learn how they interact with Electronic Health Records.  We also realize that technology is constantly changing, so we've built in spaces for special testing environments to present and test new innovations in technologies as they emerge.

How does the CTC affect Clinical Teaching?

The CTC  incorporates this technology into best practices for teaching clinical skills, including webcams and overhead cameras to capture student work for discussion and review. This allows our faculty to provide feedback to students in real-time as well reviewing recordings later for reflection. 

Watch the Creation of the NECO Clinical Training Center