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Clinical Training and Patient Care

Experience Extensive and Diverse Clinical Training

Clinical education and patient care is an integral part of the NECO experience. We have created a vast purpose-built clinical network comprised of the most diverse clinical settings in the country to provide opportunities for students to experience it all. This allows you to have an education anchored in comprehensive clinical training, where you learn not only from a distinguished faculty, but also from the patients you serve. This helps give you the confidence, skill, and knowledge to practice effectively and expertly anywhere in the world.

Interweaving Classroom and Clinic

NECO's OD programs comprise of both lecture- and lab-based academic coursework as well as hands-on clinical experience throughout your time at the College. Concepts introduced during lectures come to life when you observe them while examining a real patient. By the same token, your experience in clinics adds new depth and context to your classroom discussions. In this way, the two primary dimentions of your education – clinical and academic work – complement and enhance each other, preparing you for a lifetime of success in optometry.

Comprehensive Clinical Training

As a student, you have access to our comprehensive optometric clinical system and complete clinical rotations within the NECO Clinical Network at local, national, and international sites.  This allows you to experience a wide variety of patient care needs throughout your training while being mentored by experienced clinical faculty from New England College of Optometry and our affiliated partner doctors.

Clinical placements during the first few years utilize only local sites within the NECO Clinical Network and cover a range of different services such as low vision, pediatrics, contact lens and cornea care, vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation, and individuals with disabilities. The final year of the program involves four externship rotations at local, national, and international placements - in the US, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom.  Learn more about the NECO Clinical Network.