Why I Give: Lorraine Fedyna on why she supports future optometrists

“Giving back to NECO is an investment in the future of optometry,” says Lorraine Fedyna, OD ’84.

“When I visited last year, I was impressed by all of the renovations, the latest technology and equipment, and the new NECO Clinical Training Center.

“The technology keeps getting better and better. But the human side of being an optometrist cannot be replaced,” she says. “NECO is training the next generation to use advanced digital instrumentation to make informed calls on eye care, ocular health, and pathology. I was blown away with how very fortunate the students are at NECO today. This inspires me to continue my support.”

“Howard Purcell was my classmate,” she says. “As president of NECO, he is taking the college to new heights. With support from their faculty and each other—and continued support from alumni—today’s NECO students have everything they need to have a wonderful experience and succeed.”

Dr. Fedyna has enjoyed a rewarding career as a family optometrist in Connecticut. Supporting NECO is her way of giving thanks and giving back. “I’d encourage alumni to consider adding NECO to their estate planning.”