Why I Give: Alan Glazier on the motivation to create an endowed scholarship

When he started his pursuit of a career in medicine, Alan Glazier, OD ’93, imagined himself becoming a vascular surgeon.

But like many college grads, he pressed “Pause” to reconsider his future. Unlike the character in Frost’s poem, Dr. Glazier took the “more traveled path,” and followed his father into optometry.

“When I took my break year, I noticed how happy my dad was being an optometrist. It actually motivated me to attend optometry school. I haven’t regretted the decision once. If I can give someone else the opportunity to pursue a career in optometry and it makes them half as happy as I am, count me in,” says Dr. Glazier.

“Recently a number of events have culminated in an opportunity for me to pay back the optometry community. Being appointed to the Board of Trustees is a great honor but it makes one aware of the previous contributors who’ve helped NECO become the strong institution that it is. I’m happy to follow their lead,” says Dr. Glazier.

“I became really interested when the College committed to the 13% Promise initiative by Black Eyecare Perspective. I have always been attentive to how inequality affects people in this country and while I’ve supported various equality initiatives, I’ve always wanted to make a larger contribution. Also, I believe that one should lead by example. I hope that my commitment to NECO will motivate others to contribute to this worthwhile cause.”