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Thirty-eight NECO Residents Honored at Annual Conference

Optometry programs traditionally involve four years of study towards an OD degree. Upon graduation, many graduates choose to pursue an additional year of post-graduate training in a specialized area as a part of a residency program. On June 16, 2017, thirty-eight NECO residents gathered at the College to participate in the annual John E. Asarkof Spring Residency Conference. This event honored their work receiving additional training.

This year's residency group was comprised of graduates from optometric colleges and schools across the country. The 2016-17 resident roster included many NECO graduates, as well as ODs from ICO, MCO, MCPHS, NOVA, Salus, SCO, SUNY, UC Berkeley, and Western University. The residents participated in programs at 15 sites throughout New England over the past year, working with mentors at VA hospitals, medical centers, hospitals, and community health centers. Their specialty areas included primary care, ocular disease, cornea/contact lens, pediatric optometry, and community health optometry.

The conference included individual and group resident presentations as well as a resident poster presentation session. At the Residents’ Luncheon, President Clifford Scott and Interim Dean of Academic Affairs Sandra Mohr presented the residents with their Certificates of Completion. A Residents’ Reception followed the conference to celebrate, affording the residents and their mentors an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.

View photos of the event on Flickr. Photos courtesy of Tak-Yin Chau.

About the Residency Program at New England College of Optometry

An optometric residency is an additional year of post-graduate clinical education that can be pursued by optometrists who desire to advance their patient care abilities beyond entry level practice. New England College of Optometry offers a broad range of residency programs throughout New England that specialize in primary care, ocular disease, cornea/contact lens, pediatric optometry, and community health optometry.  Learn more about NECO's residency programs.

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