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T35 Summer Research Training Program Begins 2015 Session at NECO

Eight student T-35 research grant recipients and three additional researchers begin ten-week research training program

The New England College of Optometry, NECO, welcomes eight students into the T35 summer research training program, funded by a research training grant (T35) from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health. The program begins on May 27, 2015, and continues into August. It is designed for first year students from NECO and other Colleges of Optometry and intended to encourage optometry students to pursue careers that include research. For 2015, Jeffrey Ferrucci, Micaela Gobeille, Jessica Hahm, Hoai Le, Lenna Walker, and Feryaal Zahir from NECO are joined by Tiffany Yanase from SCCO (Southern California College of Optometry) and Mark Henricksen from ICO (Illinois College of Optometry.) Students receive approximately $5,500 in fellowship support from the research training grant.

During the 2015 summer research training program, the eight students will gain research experience in the laboratory of a mentor during the summer and spend a minimum of 320 hours doing research. Weekly seminars will be held to introduce the students to all aspects of research, including the ethical conduct of science, the role of the IRB and IACUC, experimental design, data analysis, and writing up research (including proper citations). At the end of the program, the T35 students will present their findings to the other trainees and mentors and any other interested faculty and students.

The eight trainees and their mentors are listed below. Three other NECO students, Maria Coward, Julia Les, and Gregory Lin, supported by NECO, will also conduct summer research, attend the seminars, and present their results to the group. Learn more about the T35 Summer 2015 Research Laboratory Activities.

2015 T35 Student Research Summer Training Program participants:

  • Student Research Fellow: Jeffrey Ferrucci, NECO
    Research Mentors: Peter Bex and Glen McCormack
  • Student Research Fellow: Micaela Gobeille, NECO
    Research Mentor: Nicole Ross
  • Student Research Fellow: Jessica Hahm, NECO
    Research Mentor: Deb Nickla
  • Student Research Fellow: Mark Henricksen, ICO
    Research Mentor: Frances Rucker
  • Student Research Fellow: Hoai Le, NECO
    Research Mentor: Gang Luo 
  • Student Research Fellow: Lenna Walker, NECO
    Research Mentors:  Nancy Colletta and Fuensanta Vera-Diaz
  • Student Research Fellow: Tiffany Yanase, SCCO
    Research Mentor: Jane Gwiazda
  • Student Research Fellow: Feryaal Zahir, NECO
    Research Mentor: Alex Bowers

NECO Student Research Training Program (non T35 participants):