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Stephanie Adams Honored for Board Scores, Part 1

Stephanie Adams gets award from Dean Fisch and President Scott.

High Scoring Student Continues to Challenge Herself in OD/PhD Dual Degree Program

On Friday, August 29th, Stephanie Adams, OD/PhD Dual Degree Student ‘18, was honored for receiving the highest score on the Part 1, Applied Basic Science, on the Board exams. Her mother, father, and sister were able to attend a luncheon with President Scott, Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs Barry Fisch, Associate Dean of Students Barbara McGinley, Director of Graduate Research Education Nancy Coletta, Professor Bina Patel, and Associate Professor Maureen Hanley. When asked by President Scott the key to her success, she explained that she did not try to memorize information. Instead, she studied hard and encouraged students to pay attention during class to better understand the content. When she did this, memorization was unnecessary. After finishing her third year at NECO, Stephanie is currently in her first year at BU in the dual OD/PhD program. Congratulations Stephanie!