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Ran He Honored for Top Board Scores

Student receives highest score on NBEO, Part 1

On Friday, September 4th, Ran He, Class of 2016, was honored for receiving the highest score on the Part 1, Applied Basic Science, on the Board exams. When asked the key to her success, Ms. He explains, “What helped me most was when I changed my mentality about “memorizing” and taking exams. When I entered optometry school, I saw these four years more as job-training than schooling. I realize the more you put in, the better care you will provide to your patients. Therefore, I tried my best to learn the material well the first time around, not through rote repetition but through understanding and making connections. This gave more meaning and significance to what I learned in lecture and textbooks, thus making it harder to forget.”

Ran He is pursuing a dual OD/MS degree with mentor Dr. Bruce Moore. Her research focuses on assessing the “Quality of Functional Vision through Adjustable Spectacles (FocusSpecs).” She gave poster presentations at the ARVO Annual Meeting in 2014 and the American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting in 2015.

Her father Xingbai He, mother Diane Wang and longtime friend Rebecca Ginsburg were able to attend a luncheon with President Scott, Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs Barry Fisch, Associate Dean of Students Barbara McGinley, Director of Graduate Research Education Nancy Coletta, and Dr. Bruce Moore.

After finishing her third year at NECO, Ran He is currently doing a rotation at Tallman Eye Associates, an O.D./M.D. practice with several branches in MA and part of her final year in the four-year OD program. She hopes to complete a residency in Ocular Disease/Primary Care in Boston after she graduates.

Ran He, her family, and President Scott
Ran He is presented with the certificate by President Scott with her family in attendance

Ran He and her mentor Dr. Moore
Ran He with her mentor Dr. Bruce Moore