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NECO Participates in World Sight Day Challenge 2014

Poster in rotunda promoting getting rid of avoidable blindness

Help support eye exams and glasses distribution in developing countries

New England College of Optometry is taking part in the World Sight Day Student Challenge this October and welcomes the support of students, faculty, staff, alumni, family, and friends. The World Sight Day Challenge is part of a fundraising campaign for Optometry Giving Sight, a worldwide organization that helps individuals in developing countries receive eye exams and glasses and supports sustainable access to eye care. Optometry Giving Sight also trains students from these nations, many of whom will become the first optometrists in their home countries.

Optometry schools and optometrists around the world participate and compete in the World Sight Day challenge! Fundraising happens throughout the month of October. Last year, NECO raised $3964, but this year, students are have set a goal of $5000!

Every dollar helps. For example:
$50 can help provide a study kit to an optometry student
$100 can help provide 20 people with access to an eye exam and glasses
$300 can help to provide a child size trial frame
$1200 could pay a month’s salary for an optometrist to see up to 40 patients a day

Learn more about the World Sight Day Challenge.

Donate Now to Team NECO for World Sight Day Challenge to help reach their goal of $5000

Other ways to support the World Sight Day Challenge:

  1. Purchase a ticket for the “Dining in the Dark” fundraiser, happening on October 9th, World Sight Day, this year! Experience how the visually impaired dine everyday by eating your dinner blindfolded. Tickets on sale in the rotunda on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the coming week. $15 for dinner (chicken or vegetarian), an extra $5 to include wine.

  2. Take a break from midterms studying and come to the Waffle Fundraiser on October 16th. Come enjoy toppings and fresh hot waffles while supporting a good cause!

  3. Participate in a raffle! Tickets will be sold at various times throughout the month of October, and you can enter to win some great prizes. Items up for grabs include TOMS sunglasses, tickets to the Boston Aquarium and more!

World Sight Day posters