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NECO’s Student MSOS Chapter Hosts Public Policy Events

The MSOS club at New England College of Optometry (NECO) has been busy with events, lunches, and phone-a-thons over the past few weeks related to the proposed glaucoma bill and American Healthcare Act. The MSOS, Massachusetts Society of Optometrists Student Chapter, is a student run chapter of the Massachusetts of Optometrists, MSO.

The MSOS student chapter at NECO acts as a liaison between the student body and the MSO organization. The students in group organize educational events and lobbying efforts in an effort to learn about ways to support their chosen profession.

Cupcakes, Coffee, and Glaucoma!


On Wednesday, April 19, NECO’s MSOS hosted a lunch-and-learn to update the students on the new changes to the proposed glaucoma bill. The speaker for the event was Dr. Beth Harper, Assistant Clinical Professor of Optometry, secretary of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists, and current advisor to NECO's MSOS.  Dr. Harper spoke on the bill's new name, the new changes to the bill, as well as the personnel and strategy changes that have been made to help pass the bill during this upcoming legislative cycle.  Approximately 40 students attended the event.

presentationThe Current State of Healthcare

On Tuesday, April 25th, NECO’s MSOS hosted a lunch and learn about the healthcare system in the United States for over 80 students.  Dr. Diane Russo, Assistant Professor of Optometry gave students an overview of the healthcare system in the United States and spoke about possible changes that may occur with the proposed American Healthcare Act.  She also explained the role that politics and policy can play on how optometrist’s practice. 

taking callsMSOS Phone-A-Thon

On Wednesday, April 26th, students from the MSOS hosted a phone-a-thon.  At the event, student volunteers from NECO's first, second, and third year class gathered together to support the fight to pass the Massachusetts glaucoma bill, “An Act Ensuring Consumer Choice and Equal Access to Eye Care.” The student volunteers called optometrists throughout the State of Massachusetts to raise awareness about the new proposed bill. They also encouraged the doctors to donate to the Visionary Campaign, an effort put forth by the MSO to help raise public awareness and support for the bill. In attendance at the Phone-A-Thon were Jay Gardiner, executive director of the MSO, as well as Dr. Wayne Zahka, Dr. Jan Sewell, Dr. Beth Harper, and Dr. Diane Russo.