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NECO’s Private Practice Club Hosts Dr. Pete Kehoe

On April 5, 2017, NECO’s Private Practice Club started off their April Wednesday Speaker Series with “Patient and Profit Success” by Dr. Pete Kehoe. Dr. Pete Kehoe is a practicing optometrist and past president of the American Optometric Association. His talk at New England College of Optometry was sponsored by Transitions Optical.

In his presentation, Dr. Kehoe spoke about how the increase of new technologies and online retailers can take away from the patient’s experience after an eye exam and their business. In order to compete with this loss of income, he explained how he tried to increase the number of patients he saw per day, decreasing the amount of time that he spent with each patient during and after the exam.

Dr. Kehoe speaking to studentsRealizing that this practice wasn’t beneficial for the practice or the patient, Dr. Kehoe eventually went back to a normal schedule in order to spend more time listening to his patients concerns. Through listening to his patients and asking about their lifestyle, he was able to offer his patients more options when it came to glasses. Dr. Kehoe was then able to drive optical sales starting with the patient in the exam room by understanding the many needs that patients have. For every activity that the patient participated in, Dr. Kehoe was able to prescribe different pairs of glasses that would best suit that activity. This not only gave patients the best comfort and vision for work and for their hobbies, but it also increased optical sales at the practice.

Deciding that he didn’t want this to end in the exam room, Dr. Kehoe took it a step further and asked his optician to come into the exam room to explain to them exactly what he told his patient. By doing this, the patient was able to know that the optician was someone that the doctor was entrusting them to. This practice helped show that all the professionals as well as the patient were on the same page, making the process of getting glasses more effective and efficient.

Dr. Kehoe’s presentation focused on how learning about and caring about the patient’s daily needs leads to not only patient satisfaction, but to success for the practice as well!

Following the talk, attendees were treated with tacos from the Baja Food Truck and Dr. Kehoe offered advice for success in school and outside of school to those that stayed to speak with him.

Students at night by taco truck

Article by Poonam Bhavsar, Class of 2020
Photos by Janne Chuang, Class of 2018

The Private Practice Club at New England College of Optometry seeks to cultivate future leaders in optometry by providing business management education and insights into the world of private practice to students.  The group hosts workshops and speakers to provide students with tools, ideas, and advice for optometric business management, private practice, and successful leadership.

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