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NECO Welcomes Dr. Will To For a Discussion on Modern Optometry

On Thursday, January 19, 2017, New England College of Optometry’s Private Practice Club hosted their first event of the spring semester, Modern Optometry with Dr. Will To. Dr. To is a recent graduate of UC San Diego in Human Biology and Psychology and Western University College of Optometry. He serves as the Executive Vice President of the Student Optometric Leadership Network (SOLutioN) and the Director of Digital Media & Promotions for Optometric Insights.

Dr. To currently travels around the country speaking about Modern Optometry to optometry students and new grads.  He explains that his conversations “address some of the more common issues they face today. I focus heavily on a people-centric approach both in and outside the exam room with a candid discussion on the state of optometry and how to take advantage of its constant changes.”

Will To talking to audience

The event at NECO drew over 150 students and focused on where optometry is today, including stereotypes by students and new graduates, and how to shift these perceptions.

Private Practice Club President Tiana Camarillo, Class of 2018 explains, “Dr. William To's talk covered some of the current issues and myths regarding the future of eye care, and countered them with statistics and facts about the bright future of the profession.” He also spoke about building one's brand, expanding one's mindset from optometry-the-profession to optometry-the-industry, and proactively seeking out opportunities.

Will To speaking

Ms. Camarillo says, “I think students were most excited to hear from a new graduate how much opportunity there is and the vast array of career options within optometry. The biggest thing students got from this event was hearing how many doors can open up for a student by networking and attending the annual conferences.”

The Private Practice Club at NECO was established ten years ago to provide insight to students about business management and the aspects of private practice. The student organization hopes to hold more workshops like “Modern Optometry” in order to provide students with tools, ideas, and advice for successful leadership in their optometric careers.