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NECO Remembers Dr. Richard Wallingford Jr., OD ‘75

It is with great sadness that New England College of Optometry notes the passing of alumni Dr. Richard Wallingford Jr., OD ’75. Dr. Wallingford was a past President of the American Optometric Association, serving as 84th President from 2005-2006.

In addition to practicing in Maine, he served on many optometric committees and boards, including the NECO Board of Trustees. In 2015, New England College of Optometry presented Dr. Wallingford with an honorary degree. During his acceptance speech, he shared his advice in a top ten list of helpful tips.

The Top Ten Things I Wish I’d Known When I Graduated from New England College of Optometry by Dr. Wallingford, Jr. OD ’75

  1. Practice where you want to live. Choose a location for your practice carefully.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of clinical experience. These experiences really matter and make you a better doctor.
  3. Don’t be afraid to challenge any practice modality.
  4. Balancing the demands of practice with a family life will be a juggling act.
  5. Expect the unexpected and be flexible. You cannot plan for the twists and turns your life may take.
  6. No matter where you practice, everyone wants a piece of your pie. Your practice will be impacted by insurance policies and practices.
  7. Politicians may try to change what your license allows, so get involved with state and local organizations and advocate for the profession.
  8. Don’t wait until tomorrow to pursue your dreams - live every day to the fullest.
  9. Some days your practice will be gut-wrenching.
  10. Some days your practice will be immensely rewarding.

Dr. Wallingford will be remembered for his many contributions to the profession. Read more about Dr. Wallingford from the AOA. 

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