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NECO Professors Receive Educational Starter Grant from ASCO

Funds will support 22-month study by Drs. Russo, Weissberg, and Harper

Drs. Diane Russo, Erik Weissberg, and Beth Harper recently received a starter grant from ASCO, the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, along with Luxottica and the Vision Care Institute, LLC. The funds will support a proposal entitled, “The Impact of Shared EHR Usage on Student Attitudes Toward Interprofessional Collaboration.”

The professors will undertake a 22-month study looking at the impact of a clinical experience on attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration. Outcomes will be submitted to ASCO’s journal, Optometric Education, for publication upon completion of the study.

Dr. Russo explains, “As the health care system shifts toward a more team-based delivery system, the ability to collaborate interprofessionally will become increasingly important. There is extremely limited research on the impact that traditional clinical experiences, without a structured interprofessional component, have on attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration. This study will allow for understanding the value of certain clinical experiences, but may also enable us to better interpret the literature already published on this topic.”