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NECO Director of Research Jane Gwiazda appointed to NIH Advisory Council

Jane Gwiazda, PhD, represents New England College of Optometry on the National Advisory Eye Council (NAEC)

Jane Gwiazda, PhD, Professor of Vision Science and Director of Research at the New England College of Optometry, has been appointed to the National Advisory Eye Council at the National Eye Institute (NEI).

“I am honored to be appointed to the Council and look forward to providing input on NEI programs, policies, and grant applications,” said Dr. Gwiazda.

The National Advisory Eye Council is a diverse group of professionals who provide their guidance to NEI programs, including research and training. The twelve members meet three times a year in Bethesda, Maryland to provide a second-level review of grant and cooperative agreement applications, and to discuss other issues that relate to the NEI. Appointments to the committee last for four years.

“Our new council members bring prodigious expertise,” said NEI director Paul A. Sieving, M.D., Ph.D. in the  NAEC press release. “They each have made major accomplishments in their respective fields, and we look forward to their input on strategies to advance the mission of NEI and the Audacious Goals Initiative.”

Dr. Gwiazda joined the committee with new members Steven Bassnett, Ph.D., from Washington University of Medicine, St. Louis, and Douglas J. Rhee, M.D. from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland for the October 8th meeting in Bethesda, Maryland. The three new members became part of the team of professors and investigators on the NAEC from scientific and health disciplines related to eye disease, mechanisms of visual function, and vision disorders. 

Dr. Gwiazda is known internationally as an expert in myopia research, serving as the lead and chair of COMET, the Correction of Myopia Evaluation Trial.  Dr. Gwiazda previously conducted research on infant vision development, and in the past two decades her research interests shifted to include both the risk factors for myopia development and the evaluation of treatments for slowing myopia progression.  

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