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Maria Denietolis Will Represent NECO at Varilux Optometry Super Bowl

Class of 2016 student to represent NECO at the annual Optometry Super Bowl contest at Optometry’s Meeting in June

Freshly minted fourth year optometry student Maria Denietolis, Class of 2016, will represent NECO this year at the 2015 Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™at Optometry’s Meeting in Seattle.

The first Optometry Super Bowl™ happened in 1992 and has consistently grown in popularity. During this 24th version of the game show event, student representatives from 23 optometric colleges will be asked questions related to optometry to score points, each hoping to capture the championship for their school. Students are encouraged to share their creativity and school spirit as they cheer along their school rep.

Best of luck to Maria and her vast optometric knowledge!

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