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NECO Professor Interviewed on NBC For Revolutionary Low Vision Device

Nicole Ross

Nicole Ross, OD, MSc, FAAO, Assistant Professor at New England College of Optometry (NECO), was recently interviewed by NBC to share her expertise in low vision devices. The segment focused specifically on the ORCAM, a vision device that utilizes technology to assist individuals who are blind and partially sighted. The device utilizes a wireless smart camera, attached to the side of a pair of glasses, to recognize faces, identify products, and read aloud text from any surface.

The ORCAM, as well as other optical devices, are available for patients to explore as a part of the low vision rehabilitation services at the NECO Center for Eye Care. Following a full low vision evaluation, doctors make recommendations for optical solutions to suit each patient’s needs and goals. The low vision team helps patients assess their visual impairment and develop a customized rehabilitation plan specifically based on their lifestyle to maximize visual function in everyday life.

Dr. Ross specializes in low vision services at NECO Center For Eye Care.  In the segment, she stresses the importance of the portability of this device and its audio capabilities help create access for low vision patients. Please reach out to Dr. Ross or Dr. Richard Jamara at NECO Center for Eye Care with specific questions about the ORCAM or low vision services. 

Watch the NBC segment online

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