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NECO Students Participate in Eye Care Day at the Boston Children’s Museum

Group of students posing at Children's Museum. Many are wearing paper glasses.

NECO Students teach children about eye care and vision.

On Sunday, August 23rd, NECO students participated in Eye Care Day at the Boston’s Children’s Museum. The students facilitated many activities that taught children about their eyes and vision. These activities included peripheral vision, color vision, finding your dominant eye and blind spot, exploring different types of vision loss, depth perception and make your own glasses! This was a great opportunity for our NECO students to get involved with the community. Volunteers included: Mila Stoparic, Thu Nguyen, Charlton Butts, Sydni Glass, Purvi Patel, Evan Tirado, Xiaoying Zhu, Jesse Hogan, Emily Sloot, Rebecca Deffler, Steven Weifenbach, Cheryl Zabrowski, Laura DiMeglio, Preeti Mokka, and Anna Kirillova.