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Student Videographers Interview NECO Professor for NESN Contest

Vote now to support this documentary created by Emerson College students about a college athlete with Leber’s Disease

Recently, NECO’s Dr. Nicole Ross was interviewed as part of a student documentary competition by two Emerson students, Anthony Chasse and Mike Cantalupo. Their documentary, called “Flash: The Chaz Davis Story,” documents the journey of an athlete as his vision deteriorates and he is eventually diagnosed with Leber’s disease. In the clip, Dr. Ross describes the rapid deterioration of vision experienced with Leber’s disease.

The competition is sponsored by NESN for their new reality series, “Next Producer.” The aspiring student documentarians from Emerson College were chosen as finalists and now hope to win the competition and air their show in its entirety.

The competition is still live and needs your support. Please view the clip on the link below and vote now!


For more information on the competition, view this link://