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Dr. Laudon Presents Eye Care Podcasts on Macular Degeneration

Dr. Richard Laudon interviews Dr. Lou Frank and Dr. Nicole Ross in two installments on URBN

Dr. Richard Laudon, OD ‘75, Associate Professor at New England College of Optometry (NECO) and Associate Director at New England Eye Commonwealth, has served in many capacities during his forty years of service. In addition to his work seeing patients and mentoring students at New England Eye Commonwealth, Dr. Laudon hosts a radio podcast on URBN (UR Business Network) called “An Eye on Health.” He also hosts another program, “An Eye on Investing,” which focus specifically on investing, his other passion when he is not in the clinic. Dr. Laudon is Past President of the Boston Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors and was Coordinator of their Mutual Fund Special Interest Group (SIG) for over eight years.

In his last two installments for “An Eye on Health,” Dr. Laudon interviewed Dr. Lou Frank, and Dr. Nicole Ross about Macular Degeneration. This two part series looks at modifications for examinations and the utilization of vision enhancement devices and techniques for patients with Macular Degenerations and other eye diseases who experience visual limitations. 

This group of ODs bring a wealth of experience in low vision and vision rehabilitation services into the discussion. Dr. Laudon’s areas of expertise are visual-related learning problems and vision therapy. Dr. Frank has a clinical appointment at Gunderson Eye Clinic at Boston Medical Center and has been a faculty member at the New England College for many decades. Dr. Ross is an Assistant Professor of Optometry at NECO and has clinical appointments at New England Eye Commonwealth and New England Eye center at the Perkins School for the Blind.

In two earlier interviews on Macular Degeneration, Dr. Laudon explores this disease with Drs. Clement Trempe and Thomas Lewis. These programs address the problem from a systemic disease perspective and not simply as an isolated eye disease. Although Dr. Trempe has a non-conventional approach to Macular Degeneration by current clinical standards, these interviews are a must listen for all eye care providers.

In addition to the two-part discussions with Drs. Frank and Ross, Dr. Laudon’s radio interviews explore such topics as “Understanding the Epigenetics & Developing a Positive Approach on Autism Treatment,” “Dr. Martha Hebert Speaks on the Autism Revolution,” and “Autism – Any Visual Concerns: exploring Autism from Several Perspective.” Visit the URBN website for more information on the series and links to the podcasts.