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Dr. Irving Fradkin, OD ‘43 Visits NECO

Dr. Fradkin, President Scott and friend

Esteemed alumni encourages students to never turn down an opportunity as they never know where it will lead them.

Esteemed and beloved alumni, Dr. Irving Fradkin, OD ‘43 visited the New England College of Optometry on Tuesday, August 26th . Known for Dollars for Scholars program, Dr. Fradkin found his roots in community service in 1954 as he began a small scholarship program for his local community of Fall River. His work grew quickly as Dollars for Scholars expanded into Scholarship America. To date, the program has awarded over $3 billion in scholarships. NECO President Clifford Scott introduced Dr. Fradkin to NECO students and encouraged them to “realize the power one person has to start initiatives.” He encouraged them to “not say no when you have the opportunity” to do something.

Dr. Fradkin embodies this notion of taking and making opportunities. His scholarship program has given over 2 million students the chance to go to college. Dr. Fradkin encouraged NECO students to “enjoy what you are doing (as optometrists) but go beyond it.” He went on to explain that optometrists are lucky to have a job where they can help other people see and enjoy life.  It is up to them to appreciate their role and to create opportunities.  

This year, New England College of Optometry has awarded a Dr. Fradkin Scholarship to four outstanding incoming students. This Fradkin Scholar Group includes Jamie Brosof from Flourtown, PA, Stacey Flynt from Albany, New York, Micaela Gobeille from Boston, MA, and Shreya Jayasimha from Edmonton, AB, Canada.  President Scott explained that these students were chosen not only for their excellent grades and OAT scores, but for their work experience and involvement beyond this. This scholarship will help these upcoming optometrists have the opportunity to contribute to the NECO community and have a great impact in the greater community.