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Dr. and Mrs. Clausen Reunite with ASIP - Verona Alumni in Italy

Alumni from the ASIP-Verona program gather for lunch with Dr. and Mrs. Clausen

On a recent trip to Italy, former NECO President Dr. Larry Clausen and his wife, Dee Clausen, reunited with graduates from the ASIP- Verona Program. In addition to the traditional four-year OD, and advanced and accelerated degree, and graduate programs, New England College of Optometry strives to promote access to high quality and comprehensive eye and vision care for underserved populations around the world through its Center for the International Advancement of optometry.

The ASIP - Verona Program was an international Optometry Degree program (1992-1997) done by the New England College of Optometry in Verona, Italy.  Faculty from the College traveled to Italy for a month at a time to teach their coursework for a period of two years, followed by 9 months of clinical rotations by students. Three months of the Clinical rotations for each our students were done at the US Army base in Vicenza Italy and the other two clinical rotations  were done at community  health centers and VA Hospitals in Boston.  Eight students graduated from the program in 1997.
On September 13, 2015  Dr. and Mrs. Clausen had an informal alumni reunion with five of our ASIP -  Verona graduates in Valeggio, Verona Italy.  The students, Giuliano Allodi, OD, Giovanni Martinelli, OD, Elena Pellaschiar, OD, Enrico Regattieri, OD, and Nicola Verdolini, OD continue to practice optometry today in Italy. The optometrists are pictured here with Dr. and Mrs. Clausen, as well as Dr. Regattieri's daughter Emma.