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Dr. Donald R. Korb Joins the Faculty at New England College of Optometry

Dr. Donald Korb Dr. Donald R. Korb

(Boston, MA): New England College of Optometry (NECO) is pleased to announce that Donald R. Korb, an alumnus, has joined the faculty as an Adjunct Professor. Dr. Korb is recognized as an international authority on dry eye, having named and described meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye, and co-inventing two of the leading dry eye products currently marketed.

As a Boston area researcher, lecturer, innovator, inventor, and practicing optometrist, Dr. Korb has more than 60 patents and 110 publications in refereed scientific journals. He has discovered and named three ocular conditions which have proven foundational. He has received over 40 major honors, was elected to two halls of fame and awarded three honorary degrees. 

Dr. Korb's work has included creating examination methods and products to enhance patient care, achieved by co-founding five research companies. He brings to NECO his extensive background of developing innovative treatments and products, collaborating with optometric leaders throughout the world, and conducting groundbreaking research. 

Dr. Korb began his career focusing on improving contact lenses. He invented the contact lens design which remains the foundation of the modern contact lens. This work on contact lenses began a lifelong passion for creating innovations in eye care that Dr. Korb continues to this day.  He has combined practice and research throughout his career. His contributions have impacted the care of over 50 million contact lens patients and tens of millions of dry eye patients.

NECO President Howard Purcell notes, “Dr. Korb’s participation at NECO is a phenomenal chance for our students to have the opportunity to learn from a successful doctor and optometric leader who has pushed the bounds of what optometry can accomplish to help people change the way they see the world. Dr. Korb embodies the sense of leadership, innovation, service, and lifelong learning that we strive for at NECO.”

“The impact of science and technology guarantees an exciting future for eye care,” Dr. Korb explains. “I look forward to working with students to help them see how their passion and drive can provide an exciting career and also move the profession and eye care forward.”

About New England College of Optometry
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