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Over 40 Students Enjoy Dinner with ODs

As part of NECO’s career services for current students and alumni, the Dinner with ODs program matches practicing optometrists with interested students for mentoring and career advice at small informal dinner gatherings. This year marked the second year for this program and brought together small groups of third year students with practicing ODs during January and February.

Participating alumni for the successful 2016 series included Drs. Henry Boroyan, Alexis Malkin, Lynn Brandes, Doug Haigh, Kathrine Coffey, Brian Wadman,  Angelique Sawyer, Veenu Gill, and Emily Kachinsky.  Due to their active participation, over forty NECO students were able to enjoy informal conversations and the opportunity to meet with alumni off campus. Discussions included the optometrist's career path, finding a job, the future of optometry, networking and residency programs. 

The program was sponsored by NECO’s Alumni Association and coordinated in part by student chairperson, Kayla Spangenberg, OD3, and Alumni Association lead, Dr. Lynn Brandes. NECO’s Private Practice Club and National Optometric Student Association helped coordinate scheduling.

NECO students shared the following feedback about this event:

This was a fantastic opportunity. I learned so much practical information in a short amount of time. I would recommend this to any of my peers.

Awesome program! Talking with current, young doctors gives valuable insight to help guide my career path in optometry.

This program was great! It was my first time participating in dinner with ODs and I learned a lot from this experience in a very relaxed environment.

Loved my experience!

I think this program is great as if gives the students the opportunity to connect and talk about real like optometry with doctors who are not much older than us. It gives us a great perspective.