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National Contact Lens Award Recognizes Fourth Year OD Student

Recent graduate Maria Denietolis, OD16, was selected as a program recipient of the 2016 Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care. Representing New England College of Optometry, she joins a group of twenty-one fourth year students selected from optometric colleges across the United States and Canada. The group was chosen for this honor by the American Optometric Foundation, AOF.

Denietolis has a passion and aptitude for working with contact lens patients. She explains, “It can be challenging to work with contact lens patients, especially those who require lenses for anterior segment disease. But once you pinpoint the best lens for the best visual acuity, the end result is so rewarding.”

The award is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.  It recognizes the hard work and expertise of fourth year students in the area of contact lens patient care during their optometric education. The AOF notes that recipients “have demonstrated excellent overall knowledge of the contact lens field plus skillful, considerate and professional care of contact lens patients during their optometric education.”  To commemorate this honor, Denietolis, OD16, will receive a plaque and a $500 educational award.

New England College of Optometry (NECO) is a small, independent graduate institution that prepares the next generation of eye care providers, educators, and innovators through a rigorous curriculum and extensive clinical experiences. Located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, New England College of Optometry is the oldest college of optometry in the country. The College has been advancing optometric education, patient care, and public health since 1884.

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