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AODP, ASIP, and MS/OD China Students Participate in White Coat Ceremony

Students from accelerated and advanced programs receive White Coat and letter with clinical privileges

Traditionally, students in New England College of Optometry’s four year OD program receive their White Coat at a ceremony at the beginning of their second year. As students gain more responsibility in their clinical placements, they receive a white coat and a letter granting privileges to work in health centers, clinics, and hospitals.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, fourteen students from the AODP 2017, ASIP2017, and MS/OD China 2017 Program were presented a white coat, along with a letter granting them clinical privileges. This marked the beginning of an annual summer ceremony to formalize this rite of passage for our accelerated, advanced, and international programs.

The Accelerated Optometric Degree Program (AODP) is designed for medical doctors and/or scientists who wish to become doctors of optometry. The Advanced Standing International Program (ASIP) offers graduates of international optometry programs to be admitted to the OD program with advanced standing. The MS/OD China program combines the AODP program with a Masters of Science in a joint partnership with Wenzhou Medical College. Read more about the ASIP, AODP, and MS/OD programs.

In attendance at the July ceremony were President Clifford Scott, Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs Barry Fisch, Alumni Board President William Gleason, Professor Frank Thorn, and Associate Dean of Students Barbara McGinley. In addition, the ceremony was attended by nine students from China who are attending the NECO as part of the NECO-SUNY Global Health Leadership Program.

Throughout the ceremony, NECO’s offered their advice as students shift into more detailed clinical work. As Dr. Scott presented the white coats, he urged students not to let the coat be a barrier between the doctor and the patient. Dr. Gleason stressed the importance of listening to the patient to help give the best care possible.

Students in the AODP, ASIP, and MS/OD China Program bring with them a wealth of experience before beginning the program. Dr. Frank Thorn shared highlights of the experience and prior careers of the students.

In addition to the white coats, the ASIP, AODP, and MS/OD China students received a letter from Dean Barry Fisch that grants them privileges to do more advanced clinical in the New England Eye clinical network.

White Coat

White Coat

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