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Adriana Ferreira and Sarah Miller Chosen for New Pediatric Concentration Program

First year students choose to augment their studies with focus on pediatric optometry

First year students Adriana Ferreira and Sarah Miller have been chosen as the first participants in the new Pediatric Concentration at New England College of Optometry. This new concentration will allow selected students additional opportunities to work with children in a diverse range of clinical pediatric settings such as schools, hospitals, the mobile clinic, neighborhood health centers, and private practice. Sarah explains, “To become an efficient Pediatric Optometrist, it’s important to adapt to each child’s needs to gain the necessary information, while also ensuring that they trust you. Such skills can really only be attained through practice and this program offers us extra pediatric clinical sites over the next three years. We’ll be attending different seminars, possibly doing some research, and working exclusively with the Pediatric Residents and other pediatric faculty members here at NECO. I feel incredibly fortunate to be given this opportunity because it will not only prepare me well for a future Residency in Pediatrics, but it will also help me become the best Pediatric Optometrist I can be.”

Dr. Gayathri Srinivasan is the director of this innovative program which allows students to focus their career path into pediatric optometry through additional and focused classroom and clinical opportunities. Each participant will be mentored by a faculty member in the field of Pediatric Optometry. Dr. Erik Weissberg will serve as Adriana’s mentor and Dr. Stacy Lyons will be Sarah’s mentor.

Sarah and Adriana were chosen because of their commitment and passion for pediatric optometry. Adriana explains, “I choose to apply to this program because I knew I was interested in pediatrics but I wanted to explore it further. I also knew that NECO has some of the best pediatric faculty there is out there. I simply couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity to explore my interests with them.” Sarah looks forward to expanding her opportunities to work with children: “What I love most about working in pediatrics is the positive impact I will have on so many children. For example, if I can prevent a child from being [incorrectly labeled] a “slow learner” … early on by correcting an eye issue, especially one that may not be noticed by the parent or teacher, that child’s life would change immensely.” Congratulations to both Sarah and Adriana!