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Awards, Posters, and Participation by NECO at Academy 2018

New England College of Optometry (NECO) students, faculty, alumni, professional staff, and residents delivered presentations, posters, research, and lectures on a variety of optometric topics at the American Academy of Optometry’s meeting this November in San Antonio, Texas. The event marked the 97th annual meeting for the American Academy of Optometry.

Record Breaking Attendance at Academy 2018

Nearly 8,000 registrants to the event included optometrists, vision scientists, industry representatives, and students.  (Read more from the American Academy of Optometry.)

The Academy 2018 conference provided opportunities for optometry professionals and students to share research and knowledge, participate in continuing education, network with colleagues, and learn more about the current technology and developments in the field.

Dr. Tony Cavallerano, Executive Director of Professional Relations, participated in the Plenary Session with Drs. Ezekiel Emanuel and Gordon Guyett. The session, entitled “Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice: The Future of Health Care Delivery” addressed issues and trends that may affect the future of patient care.  

Members of our community were honored for their achievements and work by becoming Fellows at Academy and receiving prestigious awards during the week. Learn more about their specific topics and honors below.

NECO Faculty Presentations

  • Ellerbrock Grand Rounds: Pain in the Membrane
    Joey Kane, OD, FAAO
  • A Case-Based Review of What’s New in LV Technology
    Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO, Nicole Ross, OD, FAAO
  • Low Vision Management of Inherited Ocular Disorders: Emerging Concepts in the Post-Genome Era
    Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO
  • Management of Inherited Ocular Disorders Emerging Concepts in the Post-Genome Era
    Nicole Ross, OD, FAAO, Alexis G. Malkin, OD, FAAO
  • The Art and Science of Fitting Scleral GP Contact Lenses Workshop
    Stephen Byrnes, OD, FAAO, Ronald Watanabe, OD, FAAO

NECO Faculty and Student Posters

  • Study of Optical Aids for Reading: A Survey of Perceived Barriers Among Optometrists in Referral and Provision of Low Vision Care for Mild Visual Impairment
    Chan T, Malkin A, Ross N, Protosow K and Bittner A. 
  • “No time to Teach” - The impact of EHR on Optometric Education. 
    Bastian D, Denial A, Guarino T.   
  • Cerebral Visual Impairment and the Association with Cerebral
    Victoria Gagnon, Stacy Lyons, OD, FAAO, Barry Kran, OD, FAAO
  • Do Cover Test Measurements Change After Cycloplegic in Children?
    Justine Grier, OD, Vicki Chen, MD, Nicole Quinn, OD, FAAO, Catherine Choi, MD
  • Visual Symptoms and Screen Time in Graduate Students
    Kristen Kerber, OD, MS, FAAO, Emily Wiecek, OD, PhD, FAAO, Victoria Gagnon, Nicole Storey, Justine Grier OD, Stacy Lyons OD, FAAO.

NECO Resident Presenting Papers:

  • Acute Vertical Ophthalmoplegia Secondary to Unilateral Ophthalmic Stroke
    Dr. Shane Stevens- VA White River Junction       
  • Bilateral Serous Macular Detachments in a case of Adult Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
    Dr. Stephanie Adams-VA Boston

NECO Residents Presenting Posters

  • Failed Trabeculectomy Secondary to Development of Neovascular Glaucoma
    Dr. Saad Ahmed, VA White River Junction
  • An Insidious Case of RAP
    Dr. Ana Bonaldi, VA Boston
  • Diagnosis of Ocular Albinism in Late Adulthood Using SD-OCT
    Dr. Ryan Carr, VA Maine
  • Pseudoendophthalmitis Following IV Injection Triamcinolone Acetonide
    Dr. Marc Deeley, VA Maine
  • What Could It Be If It’s Not ROP: A Case Study on Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy
    Dr. Hannah Garlick, Lynn Community Health Center
  • Increasing Pressure: Ocular Complications and Functional Vision in a Case of Resistant Papilledema Secondary to Venus Sinus Thrombosis
    Dr. Alicia Hanley, VA Boston
  • A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Recurrent Anterior Scleritis
    Dr. Mark Hendriksen, VA White River Junction
  • Ocular Manifestations of Beta-Propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration in a Child 
    Dr. Kirsten Johnson, NECO Pediatric Optometry
  • A Case of Deceitful Dacryoadenitis
    Dr. Megan Lopez, VA Boston
  • Cerebellar Arachnoid Cyst Inducing a 4th Nerve Palsy
    Dr. Sarah Miller,  NECO Pediatric Optometry
  • NAION or CRVO? An Unusual Presentation of Severe Unilateral Vision Loss
    Dr. Margaret Moore, VA West Haven
  • Vitamin A Deficiency Related Retinopathy 45 Years After Gastric Surgery
    Dr. Jay Patel, VA Boston
  • Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy Masquerading as Age-Related Macular Degeneration
    Dr. Justin Roberts, VA Providence
  • Icing on the Cake: Reducing Treatment Burden and Improving Subjective Visual Satisfaction by Stabilizing IOP in ICE Syndrome
    Dr. Jasmine Roth, VA Boston
  • Gas Permeable Lens Fitting in a case of Avellino Dystrophy s/p Femtosecond Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty 
    Dr. Felicia Dea Satrio, NECO Cornea-Contact Lenses
  • Subsequent Breakdown of Blood-Retina Barrier in Diabetic Macular Edema
    Dr. Denis Schlosman, DotHouse Health
  • CRVO or CRV-NO?
    Dr. Benjamin Strake, VA Boston
  • Multiple Strokes Masquerading as Glaucoma
    Dr. Zachary Walburg, VA Providence
  • Paracentral Acute Middle Maculopathy in a Patient with Sickle Cell Disease
    Dr. Lenna Walker, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

NECO Alumni at non-NECO Residencies Presenting Posters: 

  • Management of Retinal Astrocytomas and the Significance of Ruling Out Phakomatoses
    Dr. Nikita Aneja, Indiana University
  • Keratolysis as the Presenting Sign in Otherwise Asymptomatic Sjogren’s Syndrome
    Dr. BIant Brar-Bronxcare Health System
  • Infantile Neurotrophic Keratopathy Secondary to Goldenhar Syndrome
    Dr. Adriana Ferreira, Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Optic Nerve and Macular Edema as Presenting Signs of Toxoplasmosis
    Dr. Stacy Flynt, Pennsylvania College of Optometry
  • Acute Blebitis 14 Years Post-Trabeculectomy Leads to Bleb Leak
    Dr. Jessica Hahm-Seidenberg, Protzko Eye Associates
  • Morning Glory Syndrome
    Dr. Shreya Jayasimha, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
  • Vision Loss in a Case of Invasive Pituitary Adenoma
    Dr. Katherine Nelson, Illinois College of Optometry
  • Periocular Amyloid Papules as a Presenting Sign in Multiple Myeloma
    Dr. Alexandra Scherk, Bronxcare Health System

AAO Representatives - Committee

  • AAO Scientific Program Committee
    Erik Weissberg, OD, FAAO
  • Optometric Education Chair of Symposiums
    Daniel Bastian, OD, FAAO
  • Student / Faculty Liason
    Aurora Denial, OD, FAAO
  • Former Program Chair - Low Vision Section
    Nicole Ross, OD, FAAO

AAO – ASCO related activities

  • Glaucoma Section Diplomate Program Committee
    Elena Biff, OD, MSc, FAAO
  • ASCO Low Vision Sig Primary Member
    Nicole Ross, OD, FAAO
  • Residency Educator Sig Representation
    Nicole Quinn, OD, FAAO
  • PEDS/BV Sig Representation
    Stacy Lyons, OD, FAAO
  • Faculty representative on ASCO Sig COMP & International Optometric Education
    Bina Patel, OD, FAAO
  • ASCO Residency SIG Annual Meeting Co-Chair
    Doug Hoffman, OD, FAAO

AAO – other committee activities

  • Beta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor Society-led Central World Council Meeting and General Membership Meeting
  • Nicole Quinn, OD, FAAO
  • Optometric Education Past Chair of workshops
    Daniel Bastian, OD, FAAO
  • Optometric Education Diplomate Committee
    Aurora Denial, OD, FAAO
  • Scientific Committee 3rdWorld Congress of Optometry
    Bina Patel, OD, FAAO

Awards and Honors

NECO faculty achieving Fellow Status (FAAO)

  • Joey Kane, OD, FAAO
  • Jennifer Reilly, OD, FAAO
  • Thomas Andrea, OD, FAAO

New Fellows, Class of 2018 (partial list)

  • Emily Weicek, OD ‘17
  • Jill Gottehrer, OD ’17
  • Maria Rachel Denietolis, OD ‘16
  • Abby Tang, OD

Students and Alumni Receiving Awards

  • Vihn Vu, OD ‘15: Jill and George Mertz Mellowship
  • Marlene Catarino, Class of 2020: J. Pat Cummings Scholarship
  • Jennifer Chu, Class of 2020: Brett G. Bence Leadership Student Travel Fellowship
  • Rebecca Deffler, OD '17: Alfred A. Rosenbloom, Jr. Low Vision Residency Award