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Digitizing Slides

The Educational Media Office processes over 2,000 35mm slides a year using the latest technology. Collections of hundreds of slides spanning decades have been digitized, but the process is time consuming and requires planning. If you wish to scan more than 30 slides, please contact Educational Media Coordinator Marek Jacisin ahead of time.

Overview of the Process:

  • 35mm slides are dusted with blower brush
  • Scanned on slide scanner (Nikon LS-2000 with slide feeder attachment allowing batch scanning)
  • Scanned images are edited in Photoshop 7 image editing software
  • Cropped, rotated
  • Digitally cleaned of scratches and dust
  • Enhanced for color, light and sharpness
  • Resized and optimized for PowerPoint Presentation
  • Optimized images cover a maximum area of 10” X 7”
  • Saved in compressed, level 8-9, JPG format
  • File size of the images is 150-250Kb
  • Image resolution is 110-120 ppi

Digitized Slide Package includes:

  • Scanned and edited images on CD
  • 2 contact sheets with thumbnail images on CD (one for previewing on your computer in PDF format and the other for printing in JPG format)
  • Printed 13”x 19” contact sheet with thumbnails
  • PDF instructions