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Donating Materials

The Archives is responsible for the appraisal and accessioning of the records and materials. No materials will be sent or delivered to the Archives without its prior notification and approval.

If you are within the College: please contact the Library, and a staff member will come to your office, interview you about the records, review the materials, and box those that he or she deems of potential archival value.

If you are a former staff or faculty member, student, or external organization representative wishing to donate materials relating to the College: please contact the Library first to determine whether the Archives already has copies of the materials, or whether the materials fit within the scope of the collections policy. Rare or unique materials will require a deed of gift that the Library will provide and ask the donor to complete and sign before sending/delivering the materials to the Archives. The same procedure will be followed for the donation of personal papers. Please note that the College cannot offer or pay for monetary appraisals of gifts that a potential donor may desire for tax purposes.

All materials accepted by the Archives will be accessioned, assigned a unique identifying number, and described briefly (office of origin, type of record, date range, contents, condition, restrictions). For larger groups of materials, a container list will be compiled as part of the accession record. The transfer will be acknowledged.