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Karen Gladstone, MA, OD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Gladstone has been on the faculty at the New England College of Optometry and NECO Clinical Network since 1996. She graduated from Vassar College and earned a master's degree in medical physiology from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Gladstone graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1992 and completed a primary care residency at the Eye Institute of Pennsylvania at Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Dr. Gladstone has filled a variety of roles in clinical precepting in the NECO Clinical Network and in neighborhood health centers. She has also served as a laboratory instructor in the neuroanatomy, human anatomy, histology, and physiology courses at NECO. Currently, Dr. Gladstone devotes the majority of her time to direct clinical care in an MD/OD setting. She has a keen interest in melding her bioscience background with clinical care in ocular disease and glaucoma. She continues to teach as an adjunct professor in the human anatomy labs at the College.