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Joseph Kane Jr., OD, FAAO

Joseph Kane Jr., OD, FAAO

Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry

Dr. Joseph (Joey) Kane OD, FAAO, is currently an Attending Optometrist at the South Boston Community Health Center, where he provides comprehensive ocular health evaluations, contact lens fittings, and other eye care services to a diverse patient population.  He works with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year optometry students who are completing their clinical training. He also works at the Joslin Vision Network Diabetes Eye Care Program, which helps detect diabetic eye disease through teleretinal imaging in Boston, MA.  This program helps allow for early detection and appropriate treatment of potentially sight-threatening diabetic eye disease.

In addition to seeing patients in the clinics, Dr. Kane assists with clinical laboratory training at NECO and pediatric vision screenings at local schools in and around Boston, MA.  His primary interests include ocular manifestations of systemic disease, ocular imaging and advanced diagnostics, glaucoma, retinal disease, and neuro-ophthalmic disease.  Dr. Kane has presented several posters at recent American Academy of Optometry national meetings.

Dr. Kane grew up in Jacksonville, FL with his brother, sister, and parents.  He completed undergraduate education and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Florida, where he studied film & media studies in addition to math/science/health coursework.  He often combines his passions for optometry and film by creating patient education and clinical instruction videos that promote the importance of having eye examinations.