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HomeTown Series CE Vitreous — Everyday Clinical Challenges

We invite you to be our guest and join fellow Alumni at this ongoing series of professional programs, held in local alumni communities throughout the country, sponsored by the Alumni Association. The evening events include one hour complementary COPE approved continuing education dinner lecture.

The 2015 Series focuses on the Everyday Clinical Challenges of Vitreous. Join us in New York on October 28. Spend the dinner hour with colleagues and fellow alumni to learn why the vitreous is more than the innocuous substance that fills the cavity of the globe. This one hour COPE approved lecture considers the important findings in patients complaining of flashes and floaters and presents an evidence based approach to diagnosing and managing vitreomacular disorders.

22 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007

To register for HomeTown seminars, please contact: Margery Warren at 617-587-5687 or