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Sunday Seminars CE Emerging Trends in the Management of Dry Eye

Emerging Trends in the Management of Dry Eye: A Panel Discussion December 7, 2014

This program considers the important causes of dry eye and ocular surface disease, presents an overview of local and systemic causes, discusses differential diagnosis, and proposes an evidence based approach to management and patient care. Emphasis is placed on both the palliative and restorative approach to care. Participants will receive updated information on evolving clinical paradigms and best practices. The discussion also includes a comprehensive diagnostic approach to targeted treatment of dry eye.

Featured Lecturers from Korb and Associates, Boston, MA:

  • Donald Korb, OD
  • Amy Nau, OD
  • David Murakami, OD
  • Chris Kenrick, OD
  • Caroline Blackie, OD, PhD

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