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Research Lecture Series Dr. Peter Bex presents: Psychophysical Assessment of Binocular Vision in Amblyopia

Please join Dr. Peter Bex, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, for a presentation entitled “Assessment of Functional Deficits in Amblyopia.” The lecture will take place on February 16, 2016 as part of the Research Lecture Series. All are welcome to attend. One hour of Mass CE credit will be offered.

Abstract:  Recent approaches to the treatment of amblyopia place renewed emphasis on binocular vision and inter-ocular suppression. However clinical assessment methods depend primarily on monocular outcomes.  Additionally, these methods are relatively insensitive to gradual changes in vision or its dependence on spatial scale. We have developed a range of novel tests that evaluate binocular vision quantifying spatial frequency-dependent contrast sensitivity, inter-ocular suppression, stereo-acuity and visual distortion. These are quick, take less than 5 minutes each, and simple tests to administer, yet show high sensitivity and reliability.Outcome binocular vision test scores are correlated with standard monocular measurement outcomes and treatment effect sizes, but reveal persistent binocular deficits that would not otherwise be captured by monocular outcomes. The addition of comprehensive binocular vision tests to a clinical examination is feasible and may assist in the personalized management of amblyopia.

Please join us for a wine and cheese reception in Conference Room 1 following the lecture.