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Research Lecture Series Dr. Neda Baniasadi presents: Glaucoma Imaging and Image Processing

Please join Dr. Neda Baniasadi, MD, University of Massachusetts, for a presentation entitled “Glaucoma Imaging and Image Processing.” The lecture will take place on September 6, 2016 as part of the Research Lecture Series. All are welcome to attend. COPE approval pending.

Please join us for a wine and cheese reception in Conference Room 1 following the lecture.


We know from previous studies that RNFL changes may start long before visual field changes in glaucoma patients. Our goal in the first study was to use Spectralis OCT to diagnose different subtypes of open angle glaucoma and distinguish these subtypes from each other based on OCT RNFL findings. We also investigated whether each subtype has tendencies towards specific quadrants or sections in RNFL thinning.

We also know that high myopia can confuse clinicians when it comes to diagnosis of glaucoma. Many myopic changes can mimic glaucoma and this way high myopic patients may mistakenly be diagnosed as glaucoma while they don’t have it. We investigated two anatomical factors (i.e., optic nerve head torsion and angle between the superior and inferior temporal arteries), which may lead to changes similar to glaucoma and cause confusion.

Research Lecture Series

The Research Lecture Series invites recognized vision scientists to present their latest research. These presentations are followed by discussions and informal receptions, allowing the College community an opportunity to become better acquainted with researchers and projects in other laboratories. The Spring 2016 series focused on “Amblyopia Research: Basic Mechanism, Diagnosis, and Treatment.”