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Sunday Series Low Vision | High Impact Certificate Program


Please join us for this two day Low Vision certificate program, including 7 hours of hands-on practical experience with a selection of workshops by our low vision and invited faculty and, includes presentation of visually impaired patients and case studies.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will tbe held at the NECO Clinical Training Center, 930 Commonwealth Ave., adjacent to the Janet LaBreck Center for Low Vision at the NECO Center for Eye Care.

Speakers: Rich Jamara, OD; Henry Greene, OD; Eli Peli, OD
Panel Guests: John Oliver, Deputy Comm, MCB; Dina Rosenbaun & Bob McGillivray, The Carrol Center for the Blind
Program Co-Chairs: Nicole Ross, OD, MSc, FAAO; Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO

Low Vision | High Impact is a unique, 14-hour COPE accredited certificate program designed to provide primary care optometrists with the tools necessary to offer level one low vision services to your patients.  Participants have the option to participate in a one or two-day low vision certificate program intended for primary care optometrists interested in incorporating low vision rehabilitation into their practice: 

  • Saturday, March 9th  – 7 Hours
    Hands-on workshops with patients and case discussions.
  • Sunday March 10th  – 7 hours 
    Lecture format, followed by a panel discussion 


Janet LaBreck, former Commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), President Barack Obama appointed Janet as Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) within the US Department of Education. Janet is the recipient of multiple awards and her professional and personal values are reflected in her commitment to reforming policies and implementing practices that have successfully lead to improving outcomes, particularly for individuals having the greatest employment barriers.  NECO is proud to honor Janet by dedicating the Janet LaBreck Center of Low Vision Rehabilitation at the NECO Center for Eye Care Commonwealth to her outstanding legacy.

For additional program information, including program agenda, please visit the program invitation and find registration details.

Program Invitation & Registration