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Light InSight Lecture Series Dr. Francois Delori presents: Probing RPE with Light

On Tuesday, September 15, 2015, Dr. Francois Delori, of Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston,MA will present “Probing RPE with Light” as part of the College’s Light InSight Lecture Series.

Abstract: Lipofuscin accumulates throughout life in the RPE as a byproduct of the visual cycle and is a complex mixture of bisretinoids (including A2E) and their oxidized forms. Mutations in photoreceptor genes can have a direct impact on RPE lipofuscin levels, such as is the case for ABCA4-related retinal disorders. Adverse effects of RPE lipofuscin has been demonstrated in-vitro including generation of free radicals and photooxidation-associated complement activation. We have developed different in-vivo methods to quantify the autofluorescence of lipofuscin. These techniques will aid in achieving a better understanding of the role of lipofuscin in disease pathogenesis, and could contribute to the assessment of drug and gene therapies.