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Research Lecture Series Dr. David Sullivan of MEEI Presents: Regulation of Human Meibomian Gland Epithelial Cells


Please join Dr. David Sullivan, Mass Eye and Ear Institute (MEEI) as he presents, ““How to turn them on and off: Regulation of human meibomian gland epithelial cells in health and disease.” The lecture will take place on September 11, 2018 as part of the Research Lecture Series in Lecture Hall 2. All are welcome to attend. One hour of Mass CE will be awarded. You are invited to join us for a light reception in Conference Room 1 following the lecture.

Abstract: Meibomian gland function is critically important in maintaining the health and integrity of the ocular surface. This gland, through its production and secretion of lipids, promotes the stability and prevents the evaporation of the tear film. Conversely, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) leads to a decreased stability and an increased evaporation of the tear film. Indeed, MGD is the major cause of dry eye disease. Given the importance of this tissue, it is extraordinary that, until recently, very little was known about its physiological regulation. In this presentation, I will review recent breakthroughs in our understanding of the control of human MG epithelial cells in health and disease. I will also discuss whether it might be possible to regenerate the human MG following MG dropout.