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Research Lecture Series Dr. Kohitij Kar Presents: Recurrent Computations During Visual Object Perception


Please join Dr. Kohitij Kar, MIT, as he presents, “Recurrent computations during visual object perception− investigating within and beyond the primate ventral stream.” The lecture will take place on February 5, 2019 as part of the Research Lecture Series in Lecture Hall 2. All are welcome to attend. One hour of Mass CE will be awarded. You are invited to join us for a light reception in Conference Room 1 following the lecture.

ABSTRACT: Recurrent circuits are ubiquitous in the primate ventral stream, that supports core object recognition − primate's ability to rapidly categorize objects. While recurrence/feedback has long been thought to be functionally important to visual processing, this has remained mostly a motivating idea and very difficult to mechanistically demonstrate and probe in the visual system; especially at the shorter time scales (<200 ms) of core object recognition. Our work has achieved three advances that help demonstrate and localize the functional importance of recurrent computations during object recognition tasks.