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Matty in the Morning Dr. Chirag Shah Presents: Laser Treatment of Vitreous Floaters and Forsee Home Tests

Please join Chirag Shah, MD, PhD for a lecture on updates for “Laser Treatment of Vitreous Floaters and Forsee Home Tests for Early Detection of Wet Macular Degeneration.” Part of the Matty in the Morning Continuing Education Lecture Series, Dr. Shah will speak on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 in the Clausen Room at New England College of Optometry. These no fee CE lectures are open to all students, faculty, alumni and OD’s. One hour of Mass CE credit will be awarded.

Abstract: Symptomatic vitreous floaters can significantly affect quality of life and quality of vision.  Presently there are only three treatment options: observation, YAG vitreolysis, and vitrectomy.  Many surgeons are performing YAG vitreolysis but there has never been a randomized controlled trial evaluating this technique.  There are at least two ongoing randomized controlled trials underway that will give us important information regarding the safety and efficacy of YAG vitreolysis.

The Foresee Home device is a home monitoring system for AMD.  Patients used the device at home for about 3 minutes/eye/day, and measurements of their distortion are monitored by a tele-monitoring service.  Patients and their doctors are contacted if there is a worsening of distortion.  The National Eye Institute AREDS2 HOME study was a large, multi centered, randomized clinical trial comparing the Foresee Home device to Amsler grid.  It found the Foresee Home device to detect wet AMD earlier than an Amsler grid.  About 90% of wet AMD was detected at a vision of 20/40 or better, compared to 62% with Amsler grid.  Earlier treatment of wet AMD yield better longterm vision, underscoring the importance of early detection.  

Matty in the Morning Lecture Series  

This early morning series of continuing education lectures focuses on a variety of optometric topics on campus. Lectures are open to all students, faculty, alumni, and ODs that would like to attend.  Light refreshments will be served following the lecture.