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Research Lecture Series ARVO Presentation Preview

Please join NECO students and faculty for a final Research Lecture Series event as they preview their presentations for the annual meeting of ARVO - the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.

All are welcome to attend. Please join us for a reception held in the same conference room.
Presentations include: 

  • Ocular Biometry at Different Times of the Day in Human Subjects
    Anne Bertolet, Debora L. Nickla, Frances J. Rucker, Fuensanta A. Vera-Diaz
  • A Test of the Relationship between Deformation of the Lens and Refractive Error in the Accommodated Eye of Myopia
    Jennifer Bruhns, Elise Gao, Jianhua Wang*, Ji C. He
    *Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami
  • Fixation Instability in Myopia
    Nancy J. Coletta, Lenna E. Walker, Fuensanta Vera-Diaz
  • Clinically Meaningful Outcomes of Low Vision Rehabilitation Provided by a Mobile Clinic
    Micaela Gobeille, Richard Jamara, Gary Chu, Alexis G. Malkin, Nicole Ross
  • Binocular Interactions During Rapid Alternating Occlusion as Measured with Visual Evoked Potentials
    Hilary A. Hamer, Andrew McLeod, Athanasios Panorgias
  • The Effects of Optic Nerve Sections on the Color and Luminance Emmetropization Mechanisms
    Frances J. Rucker, Falk Schroedl*
    *Institut f. Anatomie, Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität, Salzburg, Austria
  • Sensitivity to Incremental S-Cone Stimuli and the Development of Myopia
    Timothy G. Shepard*, Christopher P. Taylor, Frances J. Rucker, Rhea T. Eskew*
    Department of Psychology, Northeastern University, Boston
  • Imaging and Cross Validation of Chick Choroid Changes with Spectacle Lens Wear Using OCT
    Christopher P. Taylor, Burke Leippman, Frances J. Rucker
  • Ability to Perceive Blur in Central and Near Peripheral Retina in Myopia
    Lenna E. Walker, Guido Maiello*+, Nancy J. Coletta, Peter Bex*, Fuensanta Vera-Diaz
    *Department of Psychology, Northeastern University, Boston
    +UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London
  • Blue Light Reduces Eye Growth at High Temporal Frequencies but only at High Contrast Levels
    Tiffany Y. Yanase*, Mark A. Henriksen+, Christopher P. Taylor, Frances J. Rucker
    *Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University, Fullerton, California
    +Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, Illinois
  • Indoor and Outdoor Eye Movements in Myopia
    Amy Zhang, Fuensanta Vera-Diaz


Research Lecture Series

The Research Lecture Series invites recognized vision scientists to present their latest research. These presentations are followed by discussions and informal receptions, allowing the College community an opportunity to become better acquainted with researchers and projects in other laboratories. The Spring 2016 series is focusing on “Amblyopia Research: Basic Mechanism, Diagnosis, and Treatment.”