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Vision Health Care 1B (PC12402)

This one-credit course consists of two graded projects. The first is a community analysis project, in which each student identifies a community’s need for eye care services, based on a demographic, socio-economic analysis of the community’s population. Students assess the supply of eye care services by determining the number of FTE providers who are available to the public at-large, or who are limited in either their scope of practice or their availability to provide services to the community. Each student is required to identify and to conduct two in-depth interviews with optometrists from his or her community.    

The second project is a group public health project in which each group, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, identifies a public health issue within the scope of this project. The project can be an assessment that quantifies the magnitude and importance of the problem, or it can identify elements of the problem that are amenable to intervention, or it can include an intervention in which the impact is a measurable outcome. The group summarizes their project in a standard poster format and presents it in a competitive poster session that is judged by public health experts from the Greater Boston community.

  • Lecture Hours: 0
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Patient Care Hours: 0
  • Seminar / Online Hours: 10
  • Grade Type: Pass/Fail