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Principles and Practices of Optometry III (PC22023)

Principles and Practice of Optometry (PPO) III is the third of three courses (PPO-I, II and III) that prepare first year students to participate in Patient Care 2 clinical assignments by teaching them the basic principles of clinical science and patient care. In these three courses, the student will acquire the knowledge, technical skills, professional attitudes and ethics needed to participate in patient care. Principles and procedures learned in PPO-I, II, III provide the foundation for what optometrists do every day in clinical practice and for many courses that come later in the NECO curriculum.  PPOIII consists of lecture, lab and clinical simulation.

  • Lecture Hours: 16
  • Lab Hours: 16
  • Patient Care Hours: 16
  • Seminar / Online Hours: 0
  • Grade Type: letter