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Patient Care IIb (PC22126)

Patient Care II is the primary clinical component of the second year curriculum. Through assignments to practices in the NECO Clinical Network - a network of clinics, health centers, VA hospitals and affiliated practices in the Boston area - students become active members of an eye care delivery team. In addition to applying their current level of knowledge and skills, students are expected to acquire an understanding of patient care delivery, effective patient communication, ancillary office skills, and an understanding of ocular health and disease detection through the use of automated and other diagnostic equipment. As skills are developed during the year, preceptors are encouraged to incorporate those techniques into patient care responsibilities. The students are evaluated with a midterm progress report and a final evaluation, and receive a final clinical grade (honors, pass, remedial, or fail) at the end of each term based on meeting all of the requirements and on clinical performance. The requirements include fulfilling immunizations, CPR training, HIPAA training, and submitting clinical observation forms, log forms, and preceptor evaluations.

  • Lecture Hours: 0
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Patient Care Hours: 60
  • Seminar / Online Hours: 0
  • Grade Type: Pass/Fail