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Ocular Pharmacology I (BSD20811)

Ocular pharmacology is a hybrid course with pre-recorded lectures which are provided as downloadable PDF files; in this way students have permanent access to the core course material.  Key concepts are also reviewed via 30 hours of face to face lecture.  The content is divided into 11 modules, with each module covering current concepts regarding the management of ocular disease with systemic and topical pharmaceutical agents. Graded self-assessment quizzes for each module are given online and must be completed by designated due dates.  After completing this course, the student will know the current indications, off-label indications, side effects, and the most common drug interactions of current drugs used in ocular therapy. Moreover, the student will learn the mechanism of action of specific drugs as they relate to the pathophysiology of the condition for which the drug is prescribed. The pros and cons of particular drugs will be discussed so as to aid in the clinical decision-making process.

  • Lecture Hours: 1
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Patient Care Hours: 0
  • Seminar / Online Hours: 15
  • Grade Type: Letter