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Ocular Pharmacology I (BSD20811)

Ocular pharmacology 1 and 2 is a blended learning course.  The course content is divided into 11 self- study modules.  There are 5 modules in Part 1 (Fall Semester) and 6 modules in Part 2 (Spring Semester).    Each module consists of an online introductory lecture which is followed up with face to face lectures.  Each module covers current concepts regarding the management of ocular disease with systemic and topical pharmaceutical agents. Graded self-assessment quizzes are given on line and must be completed at designated due dates. The student will learn current indications, off label indications, side effects, and the most common drug interactions of current drugs used in ocular therapy. Moreover, the student will learn the mechanism of action of specific drugs as it relates to the pathophysiology of the condition for which the drug is prescribed. The pros and cons of particular drugs will be discussed so as to aid the clinical decision making process. The emphasis will be on application of pharmaceutical agents in clinical practice. 

  • Lecture Hours: 15
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Patient Care Hours: 0
  • Seminar / Online Hours: 10
  • Grade Type: Letter