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Advanced Methods in Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye (ELC67302-01)

  • Credits: 1.0

Advanced Methods in Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye (ELC67302-01)

Who comes to mind when we discuss the diagnosis of dry eye?  Many of us think of older patients, post-surgical cases, chronic red eyes and patients who are continually using artificial tears.  However, these patients represent only a portion of the continuum of people who may experience changes in the ocular surface.  The tear layer is the first refractive surface of the eye, and even minor alterations can lead to significant changes in visual performance.  Therefore, we must consider optimizing the ocular surface in all patients who require visual precision, without waiting for them to become symptomatic.

Students should be able to differentiate between aqueous deficient vs evaporative dry eye, develop an exam flow process, create a detailed management plan for the ocular surface, be able to decide when to employ advanced methods of treatment, develop maintenance care, and gain hands-on experience in advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures.

  • Lecture Hours: 12
  • Lab Hours: 9