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Replacement Diploma Policy


The following is the diploma policy, which has been approved by the New England College of Optometry. Only one original diploma will be issued. All other diplomas will be issued as a replacement diploma.

replacement is not an exact replica of the original diploma. The information on the diploma will be the same as the original except it will bare the imprinted names of the present officials as well as the words “REPLACEMENT COPY” on the front. The back does carry a certification statement noting the date that the replacement was issued and for what reason.

If you graduated before July 1, 1976, your diploma will bear the present name of the College.

A replacement diploma may be issued for the following reasons only:

ADDITIONAL DIPLOMA – The graduate must submit a completed ‘Diploma Request Form’.

LOSS/DAMAGE – Loss or damage of original by destruction, theft or fire. The graduate must submit a completed ‘Diploma Request Form’.

NAME CHANGE – A diploma may be ordered with your new legal name when an official document verifying the legal name change (marriage license from city/county, court approved document, etc.) is submitted with the completed ‘Diploma Request Form’. The new name will be reflected in the files in the Registrar’s Office. All requests for transcripts and verifications should be submitted under your present name as well as designating your graduation name.

Written requests must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for approval. The graduate must submit a written request with a notarized signature.  If a name change is also being requested, legal documentation for the name change must also be submitted. The cost of a diploma is $75.00. A check drawn on a bank within the United States should be made out to “The New England College of Optometry” and must accompany the request. A ‘Replacement Diploma Request Form’ must be completed for each type of replacement degree requested (ex.: Doctor of Optometry, Master of Science in Vision Science or Bachelor of Science in Optometry). Payment is also acceptable by submitting a ‘money order’ or ‘postal order’ in U.S. currency especially from other countries.

The Registrar’s Office will determine whether or not the request will be approved. If the request is not approved, the Registrar’s Office will write to the individual. If no diploma is ordered, the check will be returned. If the request is approved, the Registrar’s Office will order a Replacement Diploma during the next degree granting period (usually at the end of April). The diploma will be mailed to the address given on the form (If ordered in April, by the end of June).

Due to the high cost of mailing diplomas, there is an additional fee of $75.00 to mail diplomas to other countries by a courier service. If this fee does not accompany the request, the diploma will be mailed through regular mail via the US Postal Service.