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Eye Health and Vision Resources

The following websites are provided as a resource to practitioners on issues related to eye health and vision care. They are not endorsed by the College in any way.

General Resources

Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology

Consumer-oriented health references

Contact Lenses

  • All About Vision Contact Lens Information
    Consumer guide detailing information about contact lenses.
  • Contact Lens Spectrum
    Source of information about clinical contact lenses that includes information about new technologies, patient compliance, and fittings.
  • GP Lens Institute Educational division of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA) that provides practitioners with information and resources about contact lenses.

Massachusetts Manuals and Materials

  • Vision Care Manual
    Manual by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance contains “regulations, administrative and billing instructions, and service codes for optometrists, opticians, ocularists, and ophthalmologists.”
  • Vision Care Services and Ophthalmic Materials
    Materials provided by the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (DHCFP).