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Advanced Standing International Program (ASIP) Admissions

The Advanced Standing International Program is designed for international optometrists who are pursuing a US doctor of optometry degree. Applicants to the ASIP must have graduated and received a bachelor’s degree in optometry from an accredited recognized international optometric school.

Application Fees

Application Deadline

All application and required credentials/application requirements (transcripts, test scores, etc.) must be completed and received by the Office of Admissions on or before September 15.

Candidate Interviews

Applicants are invited for interviews on an individual basis, after all parts of the ASIP application have been submitted. In most cases, an interview is required for admission to the program. When the applicant is unable to come to the College for an interview, a phone call or Internet-based video interview may be substituted in its place.

All invitations for interviews will be handled by the NECO Office of Admissions.

Decision Date

Applicants to the program will receive decision letters by the end of January.

Support During the Application Process

The NECO admissions staff is committed to assisting all students who express an interest in submitting an application to the College. Candidates will receive periodic updates on the state of their applications throughout the process. Please feel free to contact a member of our staff with any questions during the application process.